Monumental Davis erupts to defy a gallant Miami: Game 2 Observations

Lakers take game two to lead the NBA Finals
Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash — 0–2 text made by author

Anthony Davis has shined in one of the great NBA Finals performances to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 2–0 advantage over the Miami Heat. Despite the courageous efforts from an injury-savaged Miami Heat squad, Davis and LeBron James dominated the Miami defenders to run out comfortable 10-point winners in game two (124–114). All eyes now turn to game three on Sunday to see if Miami can regain their stars and claw their way back into this series.

First Half

1. Lakers Offense

2. Heat Zone

3. Jimmy Butler

Heat rotation

Second Half

1. Anthony Davis & LeBron

2. Heat Grit

3. Heat Offense down the stretch

4. Lakers supporting cast

5. Stats that matter

Game Three Thoughts

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